Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Rebel Robot reissue



Nyria Fey has now released her SciFi/Fantasy book for Juveniles on Amazon, Apple and many other online vendors.

Disappointed with the recycled Juvenile robot her parents gave her for her birthday, Sanna tries to ignore the bulky machine she calls Jade. He starts to act strangely and when robots which look similar to Jade start to disappear, Sanna becomes concerned. With the help of her friends Taryn and Marn she investigates the thefts, convinced Jade is in danger.

They have to find out why the thieves want to steal Jade before the Eco Council seize her robot to reprogramme him to wipe out the signs of self-will. Sanna realises Jade has become a major part of her life, but can she save him from the dual threat of thieves or reprogramming?

Rebel Robot - Amazon

Rebel Robot - Other vendors

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